Blessa Screening with Cinema Club

Dear friends,

please join me for screening of ‘Blessa’ with Cinema Club at IndieScreen. The screening is planned for this Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 6pm. The show starts at 7pm and will go until 8pm.

I am so ver glad and thankful for this 🙂 Please come by if you in Williamsburg on Sunday! RSVP on Facebook here.

Here is the invitation:


Volume XI: Short Films

Doors/Drinks: 6 PM
Show: 7 PM

At IndieScreen
289 Kent Ave

Come hang, watch some great short films, have a drink and a lazy Sunday!

Featuring works by:

Max Weinman
Katarina Hybenova
Nigel DeFriez
Auston Marek


Hero & Blessa


Julie Torres must think I’m a hero 🙂 Otherwise she wouldn’t have me participating in the art show she’s curated for Small Black Door titled Heroes. Heroes is a huge group show comprised of 24 excellent artists, all of whom have been in addition to making their own art heavily involved in the arts community of Bushwick. Many of the artists run a gallery, curate other people or write blogs and art reviews. As Julie Torres writes in her curatorial statement: “HEROES” is not a show about men in capes and women in spandex suits. Nor is the title meant to imply that its participants risk their lives ensuring safety and order in the world each day. There are real people who do that, and they are true heroes for sure.

I’m loving this 🙂 For this show I made a short film Blessa in collaboration with dancer Amanda Lynch from New York Theater Ballet, and with Slovak hip hop producer Beyuz.

Make sure to stop by at Small Black Door one of the weekends, and say hi to lovely Julie Torres who will be gallery sitting for the duration of the show.

oh… also… here is the film 🙂

Panelist at CityDrift


Peter Hopkins and Meenakshi Thirukode from The Bogart Salon co-created citydrift, a conceptual art walk followed by 2 days of panels and discussions. I’m on the panel titled: Critics, Writers, Bloggers in Bushwick: the New Wave with Eric J Henderson from HuffPost, Charles Kessler from Left Bank Art Blog, Martha Schwendener from New York Times and finally my buddy Sean Alday, managing editor at Bushwick Daily.  So come by on September 9, 2012 at 5:30pm (until 7pm) to the Bogart Salon at 56 Bogart, Bushwick (Morgan L train).

Looking forward to seeing your faces and talking with the panelists and you 🙂

RSVP on Facebook.



With John Bredin and Meryl Meisler on Public Voice Salon TV

Shotrly after 3 Sat, I appeared on another TV. This time it was Public Voice TV Salon, which runs on Manhattan Public Access television. John Bredin and Claudia Canasto, producers of Public Voice Salon TV made a trip to Bushwick and enjoyed the closing BBQ for epic photography exhibition of Meryl Meisler Defying Devastation: Bushwick in the 1980s. I had the honor to talk about what brought Meryl and Vanessa Martyr together, and generally about life, art and community – all my favorite topics. Watch the program here.  Thank you everyone, and much love to Meryl 🙂

Bushwick Documentary at 3 Sat, German TV


In October last year I met Susanne Lingerman, German journalist dispatched in New York. Susanne contacted me about Marni Kotak’s performance Birth of Baby X, which I attended and interviewed me for her piece for ZDF kultur. We stayed in touch, and I got really excited when Susanne told me she is working on a documentary piece about Bushwick. I gladly collaborated and gave her tips and contacts to the coolest Bushwick peeps. In August the documentary ran on German television 3 Sat. I appeared here and there too. You can watch the documentary in its full 40-minute length here – that is if you speak German 😉

Also I find it pretty amazing that it was Germans who made the first documentary about Bushwick 🙂

Photos of Ellen Letcher in Riot of Perfume

I am very pleased by the fact that a beautiful fashion/arts/literature magazine Riot of Perfume asked me to photograph Ellen Letcher for an interview with her. Not only I love Riot, I am also a huge admirer of artist Ellen Letcher, and so I couldn’t take on the task with more pleasure.
Read the interview and look at more pictures at Riot of Perfume.

Vegan Pizza Party


A gif by Reed + Rader.


last couple of weeks in Bushwick were busy…The entire neighborhood, like a beehive, was getting ready for the biggest Bushwick weekend of the year, Bushwick Open Studios. BOS is held annually every first weekend in June, and this year’s edition was the biggest, attracted the most people and SO MUCH press.  

My baby, curatorial project and an online gallery couldn’t miss this festivities naturally, and so I curated an art show playing with New Aesthetic concept. I invited 9 amazing artists: Man BartlettJerstin CrosbyRyan FordJames GeorgeBrad Henderson, Carmen von K, Alexander Porter, and Reed + Rader – the best there is, I think 🙂

In the spirit of the slogan of the show: “Easy breezy, just like ordering pizza online… ” the show was commenting on ‘New Aesthetic,’ a brand new term, which refers to the increasing appearance of the visual language of digital technology and the Internet in the physical world. 

The show has been held at The Active Space where I returned after I curated there my first show Tuesday People for the last year’s BOS.

 The show was fantastic, the artists are insanely great, we got a bunch of press, we had free delicious pizza from Verde Coal Oven in Bushwick, and jojoSoul spinning some cool chill tones. 

Looking forward to cur8 more stuff! 🙂